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Preserving Family Wealth

A Guide to intergenerational Wealth Management

Do you care about your legacy and the wealth you leave behind? Would it feel good to know that your children and grandchildren have financial security and access to amazing opportunities? If so, you need to start thinking about investing and managing your wealth with a next generation focus that will help future generations thrives.

Protecting and growing your family’s wealth over multiple generations involves a strategic blend of estate planning, trust management, and investment planning.

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Why do I need to plan

Social changes, increasing life expectancy, and hude disparity in wealth mean that families need to get good inheritance tax advice and estate planning advice so that their wealth to work harder for the benefit of their families and future generations.

Can I think about it when I'm older?

Unless wealth is carefully managed it can be eroded remarkably quickly - creating a life of greater financial struggle for your children, grandchildren and future lineage. The best time to invest in hit planning and wills and wealth planning is right now.

Strategic intergenerational wealth management helps you:

Protect your wealth from taxes and creditors

Ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes

Provide for your children and grandchildren's financial security

Give your family a sense of stability and continuity

Collaborate to support your family during your lifetime

In this ebook, you will learn

What is intergenerational wealth management?

Why is it important ?

What are the benefits of intergenerational wealth management?