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Pursuing a better investment experience

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Director’s commentary

Investing in the stock market can be as easy as registering onto the plethora of Direct-to-Consumer platforms that give you access to thousands of funds that have invested into companies around the world. Couple that with a few articulate Instagram gurus you’re good to go. I jest.

However, let me caution you as a regulated private client adviser and a former senior adjudicator with the UK’s financial ombudsman service, DIY investing can carry significant risks, these include:

  1. Inability to assess portfolio performance
  2. Inability to assess security suitability
  3. Poor diversification
  4. Poor risk controls
  5. Poor choice of investment wrappers relative to overall financial planning needs
  6. Using complex investment strategies without knowing the risks
  7. No regulatory protection over the investment strategy opted in to

A big advantage of DIY investing is an immediate lower annual cost as there are no ongoing advice fees which could be as high as 1% per year.

In today’s market 1% per year is becoming the norm for regulated advice considering the cost of delivery, the risks borne by regulated firms and the significantly higher standard and quality of advice. Having said that there remains a barrier to entry for some of the best regulated advisers for investors who have less than £200,000 to invest. This won’t be solved anytime soon. It is something that we at ADL are working on, initially through the provision of a Personal Finance App. We expect a beta version to be launched in 2023, so watch this space. It’s going to be great!

For those with less than £200,000, seek out adhoc advice, be prepared to pay for a one-off financial review of your personal circumstances with an investment recommendation. If you have modest savings i.e. less than £50,000, pick up the phone and call a local financial adviser, check out their testimonials. These days it really doesn’t matter if they are “Restricted” or “Independent” for most private clients.

You’re welcome to view a 1hr webinar I’ve recorded on “Pursuing a better investment experience” to help you on your journey.


Mohammad Uz-Zaman MA DipFA CeRER CeLTCI PETR

Director – Private Clients (Independent)

Regulated advice provided via ADL Wealth, which is a trading style of Peregrine & Black Investment Management Limited which is authorised and regulated by the FCA, FRN 757727.

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