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Advice for the Internationally Mobile and UK Returnees

What is it?

Admittedly this is quite broad. However, you could be:

  • UK national wanting to emigrate; become a nomad.

  • UK national wanting to return to the UK after several years away.

  • UK resident, but not yet domiciled in the UK.

  • UK non-resident, and not yet domiciled in the UK but intending to become a UK resident.

Whatever your situation, you will have unique challenges around:

  • Banking

  • Extracting capital with consideration to capital gains tax (CGT), drawing income tax efficiently also with due consideration to withholding tax; and also reducing exposure to Inheritance Tax (IHT)

  • Money Laundering

  • Financial Planning and Investment Management

  • Obtaining the most appropriate VISA

Why is it important?

You need to get this right. Getting this wrong could be very expensive and more importantly cause unnecessary disruption to your lifestyle.

How we Help?

We recognise these challenges. We and our network of specialist associate partners combine our expertise to consider the following challenges:

  • Review of your domicile status for you and your spouse (if applicable)

  • Tax planning, ideally prior to entering the UK and also future tax compliance

  • Investor visa viability

  • Tax planning, ideally prior to leaving the UK and exploring potential wealth and lifestyle protection strategies

  • Structuring your investment holdings strategically which could involve Excluded Property Trusts (EPTs), international pensions and more

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    Success Stories

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    ADL has been a delight to work with. Extremely knowledgeable about the subject of IHT, but also how this technically fits into the bigger picture and wider wealth planning.
    - Rob, Independent Financial Adviser