10 ways to reduce your Inheritance Tax

Most people only start getting concerned about inheritance tax (IHT) in their 50s and 60s. This is understandable – you’ve had a lot of other things to be focused on, such as creating your wealth in the first place, possibly bringing up a family, and generally getting on with living life.

Provided your estate hasn’t been whittled away, here are a few strategies you may be able to take to reduce your inheritance tax bill.

The contents of this brochure are worth around £1,000 of time costed advice.

Why you should download this:

  1. You’ll learn about some effective expert secrets to mitigate inheritance tax.
  2. You’ll be better informed when speaking with your professional adviser.
  3. You’ll potentially benefit from saving hundreds of thousands of pounds in inheritance tax with effective plans in place.
  4. You’ll find nothing controversial or what’s deemed to be aggressive planning. It’s all legal and effective.

Finally, page 2 of the brochure will tell you about the many other threats to your estate before you even consider IHT planning.  You can also see how much inheritance tax could be owed via our online inheritance tax calculator.