Bloodline Planning

Ensure your assets reach your children, grandchildren and those that you’d like after your death.

How can I protect my children’s inheritance?

During your lifetime the wealth that you’ve worked so hard to accumulate can be liable to various threats ranging from taxation to your ex-spouse. You want to leave your assets to the beneficiaries that you choose – did you know that you have a lot more power to protect your wealth from the various threats that your beneficiaries may face?

With the strategic use of complementary wills and trusts, we can mitigate various threats from divorce claims, creditor claims, care fees claims and generational inheritance tax.

Marriage After Death
Divorce of Beneficiaries
Creditors & Bankruptcy
Generational Inheritance Tax

If you don’t protect your assets…

  • Your children’s inheritance could be severely reduced if not lost.
  • A divorce or separation settlement could become considerably larger.
  • Your wealth which one day would become your children’s inheritance, could be liable to creditor or bankruptcy claims arising from a business venture gone bad or poor money management.
  • Be aware that having paid inheritance tax on the same wealth, that same wealth would be exposed to inheritance tax again on the death of your beneficiary.

This could all be avoided with some smart planning.