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IHT Planning and Financial Products

What is it?

Inheritance Tax planning is about arranging your estate in such a way that you can reduce your exposure to it.

But rarely can you do this without reducing your autonomy over an asset or without additional levels of bureaucracy. There is no magic method that allows you retain the simplicity of you owning an asset absolutely whilst also reducing your exposure. The anti-avoidance rules are vast.

It’s crucial any planning is done carefully, and you are aware of the consequences. Planning can be expensive but the long-term benefits for you, your family, and even the wider economy can be incredibly beneficial.

Why is it important?

Retaining a greater portion of the family wealth can have resounding benefits for successive generations giving them opportunities that would’ve otherwise been unavailable and mitigating the impact of rises in the cost of living.

How we Help?

Sometimes strategic gifting is not enough or not possible. In such situations, the financial products that may help include (not exhaustive):

  • Strategic investing into entities that qualify for Business Relief

  • Whole of Life Insurance Policies sometimes combined with an annuity

  • Onshore and Offshore Defined Contribution Pensions e.g. International Self Invested Personal Pension Schemes (SIPPS), Qualifying Non-UK Pension (QNUP)

  • Defined Benefit Pensions structured within a Small Self-Administered Scheme (SSAS)

  • Unit Linked Annuity via a Protected Cell Company (PCC)

Please note that not all solutions will be available to you. Some solutions would only be available to genuine business owners and others to only certified sophisticated investors even though they may qualify as being High Net Worth.

Financial literacy is crucial to have the most optimal opportunities available to you to protect your wealth.

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    ADL has been a delight to work with. Extremely knowledgeable about the subject of IHT, but also how this technically fits into the bigger picture and wider wealth planning.
    - Rob, Independent Financial Adviser